What Harvard says about my lawsuit (in its Motion to Dismiss)

In March, Harvard served its Motion to Dismiss my lawsuit.  I then served my Opposition, and finally Harvard served its Reply.  So briefing of Harvard’s Motion to Dismiss is now complete, and I have added the three filings to this site’s document library.  A hearing on this motion is scheduled for December 15, 2023.

In three posts, I share thoughts on facets of particular interest –

Is the FRB P&P policy a contract?   Does Harvard actually have to do what the policy says?

Was I denied the opportunity to review “the evidence gathered”?  What is “the evidence gathered”?  Is it whatever Harvard says it is?

Can an FRB investigate anything it wants, any time it wants, any way it wants?

Update March 18, 2024: Harvard’s Motion to Dismiss was entirely denied.  DecisionMy reflections on the decision and next steps.